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We’re Steve and Noelle from Portland, OR, USA. We’re taking a few years off work to backpack and travel the globe. No jobs, no house, no cars…no income.  It’s kinda crazy, as we’re in our 50’s at the top of our income earning periods.  Who takes a sabbatical in their 50s?  Well, as it turns out, we do.  Life’s just too short, so we’re choosing to live in the moment, for as many moments as we can.  

At the beginning of our adventure, we chose to thru-hike the 2,653 mile Pacific Crest Trail.  As avid hikers and backpackers, the PCT topped our bucket list for many years.  What an amazing experience to actually get out there and backpack!  Our hiking took quite a few twists and turns but the adventure proved amazing.

Just like it has for everyone, the world-wide Coronavirus pandemic radically altered our 2020 adventure. We scuttled plans and returned to the United States from South East Asia due to the spreading virus.  We enjoyed a couple months in Thailand and Vietnam and were glad for the travels as they came.

Now we’re semi-homeless, unemployed and very restless. We’re adapting by buying a huge Dodge Ram 3500 dually and an Arctic Fox Truck Camper.  We’re ready to embark on a new adventure, exploring our own country. Woo hoo!  We now get about 10 miles to the gallon of diesel!  Guess we better make every one of those miles count!  Whadda say? Ready to hit the open road?

Our first night on the PCT

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Area 51

Traveling to Area 51 was more challenging than we expected. In the end, we made it, and had a wonderful getting there.

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Join along as we explore the world around us. We’ve been traveling the world for years, but new to chronicling our adventures. We hope you enjoy walking alongside us, whether in Hanoi or along the Pacific Crest Trail. We love to learn about new cultures, be it hiker trash or Euro trash. We’re working on building out our gear lists, so keep checking back!  Our whole site is a work in progress, so grab a cup of coffee and come on along with Steve and Noelle. Click below to get our newsletter, so you can keep up to date on where we’re headed and the awesomeness we get to see.