PCT: Day 2

We’re still moving things around in our backpacks, looking for items that we thought were here and are not, finding items that have magically appeared and we have no idea why we packed them. Soon we’ll figure it out.

We cranked out a ten mile hike today. There’s some pressure from other hikers to log bigger miles, go a little further, do just a little more. We’re resistant…thus far. The time for big miles will come, but not just yet. We’re taking it easy for awhile.

We left camp around 8AM this morning and hiked until about 3:30. We napped in the shade of our sun umbrellas after arriving at our tent site and chatted with other hikers as they were passing our campsite.

We do need to figure out a routine for lunch, energy bars don’t cut it and we’re not wanting to stop and cook an entire meal.

Tomorrow we’ll be visiting town and will look for better lunch items for the next few days.

The scenery was spectacular. Hard to believe that were here, starting this hike. Crazy, crazy, crazy.

Spinning on the turntable today was Ryan Adams, Gold.

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