PCT: Day 7

Today was our first resupply package pickup. We had the package shipped to the local post office (thanks JMc!) and retrieved it today when the post office opened at noon.

The main resupply was vitamins and a few prescription meds. We intentionally arrived with a seven day supply of meds/vitamins to start the hike, but today we opted to keep a three week supply in our backpacks. We shipped the bounce box to another town about 150 miles down the trail and we’ll pick it up there and resupply our meds/vitamins again in few weeks.

We packed up a second box of items we decided we could live without and shipped it home. We may have trimmed a combined weight of one pound. We’ll continue to try to drop weight in our packs as we move forward.

(Woodpecker commercial break!

As I write this post a woodpecker is tapping away on a tree that’s located about fifteen feet from our tent.)

While picking up our resupply package we bumped into another hiker, Vincent, from our starting group. Vincent (76) said that he may have bitten off more than he can chew and might be heading home “soon”. Vincent’s short term plan was to take a shower and wash his clothes. Tomorrow he’ll make a decision about staying on trail or heading back home to Oklahoma.

We hiked for about four hours this afternoon and managed to travel about six miles. The rocks are starting to hurt my feet, so I’m questioning my shoe choice. No blisters yet, so I’m not complaining too much.

We had great panoramic views for much of our hike this afternoon. The views were spectacular.

2 thoughts on “PCT: Day 7

  1. You guys look a little pink, but a whole lot better than Vincent. Thanks for the update1 ❤️ Mom n Dad

    1. We heard that Vincent is still on the trail! Also there’s another gentleman who started who’s 82!

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