PCT: Day 12

Last night we camped close to the Montezuma trail crossing after seeing our daughter/son-in-law and grandkids. It was great to see them so early in the trek! They were in San Diego on holiday so they made the trek out to see us!

It was great to have an evening of minimal wind and soft sand for the tent to rest on. Waking up, well, it was a bit moist in the tent.

We had closed up all for tent flaps and the condensation built up over night on everything inside the tent. We plan to spread our stuff out during our zero day to allow it to dry out. The Z-packs tent is a blessing and a curse. It’s light, which we really appreciate. It’s light, so we have issues with wind, water and dirt. I can’t imagine using this tent when we move into more wet environments in the north.

I’m still enjoying the variations of the PCT signs. Sometimes the signs seem to be in logical locations, other times, well, not so much.

When we arrived in Warner Springs we headed for our motel via a flower covered path. In some areas the flowers actually covered the trail and I felt guilty walking on the path.

This was our first opportunity for a proper washing of our clothes in a washing machine since we started the trek. Foul smelling is too kind a word to use to label the stench coming off our clothing (and bodies).

Showering was a delight, but I was a little sad that the shower was a bit dark and not well illuminated. I would have enjoyed seeing all the dirt and grime rinse off my body and down the drain. I lathered, scrubbed and rinsed twice..and still felt a little dirty.

The clothing from the wash still smelled a bit funky, so they may end up in another washing cycle tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “PCT: Day 12

  1. Loving all of the pictures 🙂 it’s so fun to see what you guys are seeing! So glad you got to freshen up a bit 💖

  2. Wouldn’t have missed seeing you guys!❤

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