PCT: Day 16: snakes, flowers and scorpions

Today I got a little too close to a rattlesnake. I was listening to my book and walking when I heard the distinct noise of the rattle. It awakened a very primordial section of my brain and I leapt backwards. The trail was narrow at this section we had no choice except to keep our distance and wait for it to move away. I’d guess the snake was between four and five feet long.

Once the snake had slithered into the brush we high tailed it through this area and put some distance between us and the rattler.

After the rattle snake sighting I was on high alert for the rest of the afternoon looking for additional rattlers. It was exciting, but, a bit nerve jarring at the same time. I saw two or three other snakes that afternoon just hanging out on the trail. They took off when we walked up on them, unlike the rattler who kicked back, lit a smoke and drank a martini when he saw us.

The high snow level/snow pack this year has resulted in more water than usual and has given us a visual smorgasbord of desert flowers to enjoy.

We initially selected a tent site that was too small and rocky. We broke one tent stake and bent two tent stakes. We relocated a few hundred yards to a better site.

After driving in the tent stakes we place large rocks on top of the stakes to keep them embedded in the ground in case of wind. (Pretty much every night!)

Big rocks are better due to their weight. I found this little fellow hanging out under one rock.

I believe Noelle’s exact comment was “done”. We sent this feller on his way and took the rock. I found another rock that also had a scorpion under it. It was a reminder that I should use my feet to kick the rocks over before sticking my hand down there.

Between rattler snakes and scorpions I suspect we were both saucer eyed as we attempted to go to sleep.

5 thoughts on “PCT: Day 16: snakes, flowers and scorpions

  1. Yikes, snakes are the only thing I worry about when thinking of doing this hike. My wife and I both hate them.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for blogging!

    1. The snakes and then the scorpion have not been a very good part. That’s for sure. It freaks me out completely! Noelle

  2. When I was in Mexico, I was warned to always shake out my boots and pants in the morning before putting them on, because sometimes scorpions hide in them in the night.

    1. Well isn’t that comforting! 🤣. We’ve been shaking out our shoes too. Even though we’re keeping them in the tent!

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