Trail Magic & Hitchhiking

Noelle here:

A few days ago we hitch hiked from Scissors Crossing up to the town of Julian. It was an experience!

On our way up, a very nice man (Scott) picked us up. Steve tried to put his window down a little, just because we smell, but the gentleman wouldn’t hear any of it! He took us to the Julian Pie Company and bought us an entire apple pie! (We shared it with other hikers). He also bought us some fresh apple cider (we did not share it!)

We ate some lunch and then went down by the Post Office, where you’re supposed to get a ride pretty easily. After a lot of friendly waves, this sweet ride pulled over:

We hopped in and settled down on the couch! Vicky and her husband (sorry, I forgot your name) were so delightful to talk with as we meandered down the road in style! They were super nice, but we were glad she had some Febreeze for her couch! 😳

Once we got back on the trail, there was a huge water cache. Then about a half mile up, a guy had dragged up a cooler full of soda and beer. He had chips and candy too! The next day we hiked to meet Danielle, Scott, Logan & Cooper and when we came out into the opening, a husband and wife were just sitting there welcoming hikers to sandwiches, cookies, chips and drinks. Of course, we waited for our family to arrive but I’ve just been stunned at the kindness of strangers.

Danielle put out a huge spread of food for us. I was so stuffed! Cooper stood over me to block the sun for a minute too! They were all four a site for sore eyes!

Today, I got an orange from a cache. We decided to wait to eat it till tomorrow morning’s break, when we’re hot and tired. It’ll be a huge pick me up!

Hitch hiking and trail magic on the PCT. It’s pretty awesome.

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  2. OMG the Julian Pie Company. We used to go there when I was a kid a zillion years ago – for pie and apple cider. I can’t believe it’s still around because it was, after all, a zillion years ago. Love reading about your adventures. Best from HTA! (I’m sure you miss us every day, Steve)

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