PCT Trail Names!

Noelle here:

Well, Steve got his trail name! It’s Toboggan! He earned it on Mt San Jacinto as he kept slipping and sliding on the snow and ice.

But first, let me back up to a beautiful hamburger at Paradise Cafe! We sat with “Roger That” and ate nachos & hamburgers and drank beer. It was a good afternoon. The only concerning part was that for a couple days, we’d been hearing about helicopter rescues off the mountain. At Paradise, other hikers told us the Rangers had just been there warning about the snow danger. We didn’t have micro spikes, so when Trail Angel Grumpy drove up to take people to Idyllwild, we thought we should go. He introduced us to Mayor Max.

We spoke with Rangers in town. We spoke with other hikers and with a local hiker who updates his website with trail conditions and weather.

We decided to skip Apache Peak. It wasn’t an easy decision but two of our stated goals in this adventure are “don’t die” and “don’t get broken”. So we relaxed in this gem of a cabin, with dog photos everywhere, even in the bathroom! Woodland Park Manor was a great place to stay, also the only available place, but it was about a mile walk to town, not as great…

We explored the town. Saw some people we hadn’t seen in a week! And felt pretty good about starting back up.

8 thoughts on “PCT Trail Names!

  1. I love reading your news and think of you every day.. Your adventure has captured my head/heart. Keep up the great adventure.

  2. Saturday morning coffee was made more magical by stumbling upon your PCT journal. I grinned, I teared up, I marveled and now I think I have a sympathy blister and backache. I don’t possess the words to adequately express how much I admire the two of you. I am enthralled with this epic adventure you guys are on and am so excited you are sharing with these beautifully detailed writings. I can’t wait for the next one. Be safe, be happy, and keep trekking. Friends and family are with you in mind and spirit.

    1. Oh Johnny P, you do our hearts well! It’s good to hear from you! We’re trying to keep one foot in front of the other! Hugs.

  3. I binge read all of you guys updates on Friday. I could hardly wait for yesterdays! So excited for you both and LOVE reading the updates and seeing pictures! Keep it up!

    PS, I have a friend in a helicopter flying in your area at the moment. His name is Mike Scheel. If you actually have to get picked up, drop my name, might be worth a discount. 😉 Joking! kinda.

    Stay strong and healthy! <3

    Love Jason 80

    1. Oh Jason!!! You are fabulous. Always fabulous. We got “binged”, I’m so freakin excited! 😆
      And yes, if we need to get helicoptered out, I’m definitely name dropping you! Of course you know someone down here now. Of course!
      Big hugs to you! Noelle

      1. Like Jason, I’m in the middle of binging. Can’t put it down. Dam arms are getting tired of carrying this pc around. Got to go, I got 2 more months to catch up on.

  4. Well, if Steve is now Toboggan, perhaps Noelle should be Luge (not Loogie!) or Bobsled or Saucer (dual meaning…Fireball and such…) But who am I to give out trail names!

    1. Haha! So far still just Noelle. 🤣

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