PCT: Day 20: The snow doesn’t care about you

We were lucky enough to have someone offer us a ride from the post office to the Deer Springs trail head, saving us a mile of walking in town. A kind little old lady who said she loves hikers.

The kind little old lady asked for us to sign her log book with our name and phone number. The locals are now keeping log books of who they took to which trails to assist with search and rescue. Cheery thought, but hikers do go missing here.

She reminded us that the snow doesn’t care about us one tiny bit. Were we prepared? Warm clothes? Yes. Traction devices? Yes. Food? Yes. Family knows where we are? Yes. Does she need to call our mothers for us? Uh, no, thank you though.

…and so up we climbed, about 4,000 feet to reach the top of that hill. (Deer Springs trail).

We were exhausted after a three or four hour slog up the trail. We cooked our heaviest meal, played dice for a bit and then turned in for the night at 7:30.

If we had any idea what was coming our way the next day we would have gone to bed at 6:30!

6 thoughts on “PCT: Day 20: The snow doesn’t care about you

  1. Our love & prayers are with you on your amazing journey, special ones!
    Safe travel and keep a steady foot!


  2. Patricia Krajewski April 22, 2019 — 6:46 am

    Now that I recall you are on this fantastic journey together I have been imagining where you are and what you are seeing – how dark it must be at night and how brilliant the stars must appear above you. One tip: when you move a rock stand behind it and move it towards you then whatever is under it can’t stoke at you. 🐍. We haven’t backpacked in the wilderness but go out rockhounding and this tip is what we were taught. God be with you! Enjoy and don’t give up. You can got this.

    1. Kudos guys! You’re doing very well, in spite of how you may feel. Enjoy the fresh air and absence of auto exhaust and cool clear evenings with starry skies. Love, Mom n Dad

    2. Hugely valuable tip! Thank you! I no longer touch rocks with my hands. But I didn’t know to move it towards me. Noelle

  3. I know y’all can do this! Just think how your kids, grandkids and friends will always talk about your trip!! What a memory for all to share! Be safe, love y’all!

    1. Thank you! We’re sure giving it our best!

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