PCT: Day 21: Steve’s perspective

We had laid out our plan for the days hike the night before; shooting for ten miles with about 1000ft of elevation gain. We would pass through snowfields and I was excited to try out our new micro spike foot wear. Our sun gloves offered no protection in the balmy 37 degree temperatures, so I pulled my sleeping socks from my bag and used them as gloves.

We broke camp and hit the trail. I immediately bumped into another hiker that had just finished Apache Ridge (the section we skipped). He looked shattered. I causally inquired to how bad it was. “Oh my Gawd man, it was an absolute bitch!” With this comment hanging in the air he stumbled onward. Literally stumbled.

We hiked for about 30 minutes and then put on the micro spikes.

Soon we couldn’t see the actual trail and were following a set of dirty footprints from other PCT hikers through the snow.

The snow pack kept getting deeper…I was swallowing curses like after dinner mints. We were above the trail, we were below the trail, crawling through bushes, sometimes pausing to check out GPS to insure we were moving in the correct direction.

At some point I slipped and went sliding down a hill on my back. I self arrested when I hit a rock but watched two water bottles go skittering down the hill. I assured Noelle that I was ok, dropped my backpack, and went another 30 feet down the hill to recover them. On a fun scale I give it a five. I saw the rock coming and knew I could stop myself with my feet and legs. I was primarily concerned with assuring Noelle that it was ok, not a big deal.

I don’t think we have too many pictures after this slide. The conditions continued to worsen and we continued to move forward. Gone was the idea of 10 miles today, replaced by the goal of 7.1 miles.

We bumped into our friend Michael around 3pm. Michael moved on ahead on the trail but stopped to wait for us about a half mile down the trail due to deteriorating conditions. I’ll leave the rest of the day for Noelle to describe.

13 thoughts on “PCT: Day 21: Steve’s perspective

  1. How crazy! I’m so glad you have GPS to make sure you are at least going in the right direction 🙂
    I’m also glad that dad is okay after that big slide!!

    1. GPS is the bomb! It’s keeping us aimed in the general correct direction. I’m fine and dandy after my slide!

    2. He slid with a damn smile on his face! 🤣

  2. wow, scary!
    Glad you guys are ok
    Be careful
    Valla con Dios!

  3. Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg April 23, 2019 — 1:28 pm

    You guys are so tough. Glad you didn’t get too beat up on the slide. Keep it up, you are doing amazing!!

    1. Thanks Ashley! What a ride so far! 💕

  4. The two of y’all are so brave!! Can not dream of doing the things that y’all are doing now even long years ago! Please take care. Of yourselves! Uncle Richard and I are so proud of y’all but please be safe love you both!!!!

    1. We are trying to make the safest decisions we can! And we’re taking good care of each other. Love you Aunt Dee and Uncle Richard! 💕

  5. Yikes! We admire your spunk, but, I’m glad we’re here! You two are Amazing! 💕 Mom n Dad

    1. Steve is full of spunk! Me, not so much! 🤣 💕 Noelle

  6. I am so impressed with the both of you. I love that you are doing this together. Thinking of you and praying for safe and happy travels.

    You inspire me. 😘

    1. Hugs to you, beautiful sister! 😘

  7. roland j gaebert May 6, 2019 — 1:58 pm

    Be safe. your comments have been used to pass on to others. Roland (Idyllwild Trail Angel)

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