Siamese twin lizards

Noelle here:

Yesterday I saw a Siamese twin lizard. I’m not even kidding! It was insane. It would not, however, pose properly so my pictures aren’t great.

One was bigger than the other, you can see it’s longer tail.

They had two complete and separate bodies and about one and a half heads. I’m so bummed that I couldn’t get a picture of the head.

Anyway. I was greatly amused and totally weirded out. It’s almost like learning someone you know has a third nipple or something.

Lizard paparazzi!

4 thoughts on “Siamese twin lizards

  1. Thanks for letting us into your world. So inspired by your sense of adventure and courage to just go for it.
    Candice, Retrouvaille Van.

  2. You will have to remember everything, to share with us. That long tail looked like a snake, want no part of that! I love seeing all of the posts. Be safe, love y’all! Aunt Dee

  3. It was a male and a female mating.

    1. Connected at their heads?

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