PCT: Day 29: Heading into another trail town

Miles today: 10

Trail miles: 266.2

Elevation: 6832

Spinning on the turntable: Mumford and sons: Babel

Today we hustled to make it to the trailhead quickly so that we could go into town to pick our bounce box up from the post office.

We had a nice bit of downhill trail to help us out, so we pulled into the trailhead around 12:30. This gave us a pretty good pace for the morning and we were both pleased. It was great to see the lake from a distance and then slowly get closer and closer over the course of the morning.

We both forgot to pick up water earlier in the morning so we hit the trailhead with almost no water.

Luckily trail angels were keeping the trail head area well stocked for hikers with soda and water.

…plus a little advertising here and there

…and samples. I saw the water in the cooler but nothing else.

We were going to hitch into town but snagged a ride with another hiker who had given up on Hitching and had called for a Lyft. We hit the post office to pick up three Amazon packages, one bounce box and one misc food box that we sent from the last town.

2 thoughts on “PCT: Day 29: Heading into another trail town

  1. Hey guys, Noelle sorry you have been having problems. Y’all are surely doing good. Be very safe and know love and prayers are with you each. Aunt Dee

    1. Thanks Aunt Dee. I’m having a good time out here. My body is just reminding me of its age though! 😂. Love you! Noelle

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