PCT: Day 30: Rest

The weight loss results are in from our first 30 days of hiking:

Steve has lost 18lbs and Noelle has lost 14 lbs.

I think we’re both hungry when we arrive in a town, but we both agree the rumored “hiker hunger” hasn’t hit just yet. Soon.

We said goodbye to our old bounce box today and replaced it with a brand new box. We sent the new bounce box about 300 miles up the trail. We’ll collect it in a few weeks. We keep our meds, vitamins, weight scale, laptop and a few miscellaneous supplies in the box. We’ll restock in a few weeks and then send it further up the trail.

8 thoughts on “PCT: Day 30: Rest

  1. Steve and Noelle, Ann sent us your blog address. So interesting to follow you. I (Francine) want to do a thru hike like that when I am finally retired, another year at 68. Encouraging to know you are meeting some older hikers. Stay safe. Wayne and I are praying for you and sending love your way. Other people here in Edmonton are also rooting for you.

    1. Clive & Kathy May 6, 2019 — 2:21 am

      Clive says he wants to lose weight so watch out, he could be joining you soon!
      Well done, feel uplifted by your endeavours. You’re in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. I lost 7 lbs in my five days…you guys are killing it.

    1. Oh VFat! We miss you and Snickers. Cmon back anytime!!!

  3. CAROL KRAJEWSKI May 5, 2019 — 4:44 pm

    Wow – you guys are too cool!

    1. Thanks! Not as cool as you and Paul though! ❤️

  4. I don’t know about frozen shoulder being lucky, but yes, I guess you can at least walk with it. I feel your pain Noelle…. I have it now, and it’s my 4th time over the last 15 years, 2 in each. Shortest lasted 1 year, and this, the longest has lasted over 2 years now…. Cortisone is a blessing for instant relief. Apparently it’s a Type 1 diabetic thing for me, who knew? Autoimmune issue. You’re so tough for keeping on with that pain!! Hope the shot gets you through the next couple months at least! Thanks again for sharing, both of you! I love reading the blog! Keep it up!

    In my thoughts,
    Jason Adee

    1. Thanks Jason. It’s my second one. First it was my right shoulder a couple years ago. Now the left. It’s a getting older thing for me I think. 😏 it’s certainly no fun though. Sorry you deal with it too. My body is getting so much stronger at the same time it’s rebelling like crazy! We’ve taken a few days off and start again tomorrow morning. I’m ready to get back out there! Hugs to you, friend.

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