PCT: the adventure changes

Noelle here:

We’ve been in town for a few days now, which maybe isn’t so bad as it seems to be storming up in the mountains.

We’re now the owners of a 1994 Dodge Ram Camper Van. It’s a good van, we got it inspected. It’s big enough for a bathroom and sleeping and cooking but small enough to park in a regular parking space.

I don’t actually know how I’m feeling right now. Relieved to have most of the business steps completed. Relieved like a weight has been lifted. I also feel nervous, like a cat in a room full of rocking chairs, as I’ve just added a layer of complexity to our hiking adventure.

My shoulder and lower back are still hugely unhappy, so logically I realize this is a wise move. I can still meet up with Steve to day-hike. I can even take the van up past him, then get a ride back to the trail and hike with him for a few days. There’s a man out here doing that now. He Uber’s back to the trail head then hikes to his camper. I recognize that it opens some possibilities for a different kind of adventure. But I’ve realistically removed my bid for a continuous thru-hike and that comes with an enormous feeling of failure.

So many emotions swirling around. I’m thankful that we found a good van within our limited amount of time and budget. I’m grateful that we have the means to have options. I’m sad that it changes our adventure. I feel some depression, along with some joy. I’m just one big mixed up mess!

My strongest feeling is blessed. I feel blessed to have a friend, partner and husband in Steve. He puts up with a lot and he usually keeps smiling.

11 thoughts on “PCT: the adventure changes

  1. Pretty darn cool

    1. Thanks VFat! I still think you should come out and play! Don’t start at the beginning again. Just start wherever we are! 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Wow, I didn’t see that one. Congrats on having such good options and support. Let the adventure continue.

    1. We’re trying Bill, we’re trying! 💕

  3. semipenultimate May 22, 2019 — 3:38 pm

    I’ve been following your adventures since the beginning and I want to say to Noelle: congratulations on completing your thru-hike! You’ve met amazing people. You’ve seen sunrises and sunsets that had never come before and will never come again. You’ve learned more about your body than you likely ever wanted to know, to listen to it and appreciate it in ways you may never have conceived, both its resilience and its frailties. You have known the pain of being forced to shell out ungodly sums for stale instant Ramen and grave-dry Clif bars.

    In short, I am tremendously proud of you, and the epic journey you’ve completed, and also of the fine shape of the new thing you’re embarking upon. One stranger to another, you’ve got this ‘life’ thing down. Good hiking to you.

    1. We have definitely paid some high prices for ramen!! 😂😂

      Seriously though, thank you. It has been an amazing adventure so far. Heat, cold, mountain to desert. I can’t believe how far I made it on foot. That is utterly astounding to me when I think about it! I’m so glad for the whole experience, the joy and the pain. I’m excited for this new chapter too!
      Thank you.

  4. Stephanie Wondra May 22, 2019 — 8:29 pm

    Hey Noelle and Steve!

    Yesterday I binge-read all your blog posts and comments in about four hours while I was sitting at a company waiting to hold space for employees who might want to process the death of their coworker. I tell you this because it was in such complete contrast to be contemplating the death of someone while simultaneously reading about two people I admire living life to the FULLEST!

    Noelle, I was sad for you because it was clear what a tough decision this was for you, how much you struggled to both honor your commitment to yourself and your body and your commitment to your husband. But as one wise woman taught me through your (oops, her 😜) action and words, we have to honor ourselves so that we can then in turn honor others. Without anything in our own cup we have nothing to give others.

    You, my dear, while not having completed the goal you set out to accomplish, have accomplished a hell of a lot more than most women! Most women don’t go hiking for 400 miles, let alone 40! You have done well and now, while you still get to feel all the feelings around it, you also seem set on making the most of it. That is a warrior spirit if I’ve ever seen one! Rest up my friend and enjoy the views yet to come.

    Steve, I’ll be interested to hear how it goes and the adventures yet to come while you’re out there spinning tracks and making them!


    1. Hi friend! I’ve started a couple replies but just cry instead. Maybe I could schedule an appointment with you! 🤣 I’m grateful for your words of love and encouragement. I believe you hit the nail on the head, but I didn’t fully realize it. One of my biggest struggles indeed has been my inability to honor my commitment to Steve in this trek. I’m proud of putting in the miles. I’m not proud of letting him down and of changing his adventure.
      Thanks for giving me a different perspective on it. I appreciate you Stephanie and I hope we can connect once we get back to the PNW!

  5. Wow. I am so impressed Noelle was able to back pack 400 miles! And I really admire your creative solution to keeping the trip going. Best wishes for the next phase!

    1. Thank you Anne! It’s good to still be out here even in a different form!

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