PCT: Day 56: Hiking

Miles today: 13.2

Trail miles: 403.0

Elevation: 5867

Spinning on the turntable: Derek and the Dominoes

Together we hiked a side trail up to the PCT after a long week’s absence from hiking. We parted company at the trail junction with mutual assurances of not getting killed.

Noelle headed back to the van and I hit the PCT.

The trail started with a nice, brutal uphill climb.

I didn’t have much time to mope after leaving Noelle. The trail had a few water crossings and downed trees to keep me busy. The water crossings were shallow, but my goal was to cross with dry feet and I succeeded.

Fallen trees like this really suck the life out of me. I end up crawling under them and trying to not snag my backpack on the tree as I slither under. Height does not always make life easier.

I saw this note on the ground and had to groan.

1 million steps? Not for me, unless the hiker who made the note has the same stride that I do. Not for folks with short legs either. So, (Yes, I’m grumpy) if the message is only applicable to one hiker, shouldn’t they take the note down after posing for pictures?

Later I ran across this one showing mile 400.1, but my app showed mile 400. I was pretty sad to hit this marker without Noelle. It’s weird to be out here without her. We don’t talk that much when we hike but it’s just nice to know that she’s here. We chat a lot at lunch and at camp at night.

Anyone know the name of this flower? I’m starting to see them pop up here and there.

It was great to reunite with Noelle in the afternoon after hiking today. It was also great to be able to cook a dinner together that’s a little closer to our normal eating habit.

There may be a few benefits to the camper van…

7 thoughts on “PCT: Day 56: Hiking

  1. That red plant is a snow plant!

  2. Those red plants are called Snow Plants. They are a beautiful plant that come up after the snow melts. You will probably see many more. Enjoy!

  3. Diana R Fuzere May 25, 2019 — 9:16 am

    Like others said, it’s a snow plant. What’s interesting is that they’re parasites, living off the roots of the trees, thus there’s no green for cholorphyll. By the way, very glad to see you back on the trail!

  4. As others have said, it’s my favorite “wildflower”, the sonwpkant. They are only found in the Sierras. Another odd note is they grow really, really fast. I mostly do out and back hikes around Lake Tahoe and I will see specimens on the way back that weren’t there on the way out. If you check the Yosemite Facebook page they have an awesome video about what one ranger called psychadelic asparagus!

    1. Glad y’all are doing good! Seems the new arrangement is working! Be safe, love you both!

      1. Thanks Aunt Dee! Love you!

  5. Well done, a new kind of PCT journey………..its all about being open to new ways……….enjoy the dinners……..

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