Visiting friends!

Noelle here: we came off trail for a couple days to visit friends and get the van’s generator fixed.

What a treat! Warm showers, clean clothes, great food and fellowship, horses, chickens, a dog & cat, a game of “Life” with their grandkids AND scotch and bourbon tasting! We kept on staying….🤣

We feel so thankful that John and Donna welcomed us into their home even while they were experiencing a difficult time. I feel cared for and happy, getting to see familiar faces and getting hugs!

Donna even took us to The Musical Road. It’s a portion of a road, created with dips in it, made to play a tune when driven over at 55 mph. We went twice!

So thankful for this brief vacation and recharge!

8 thoughts on “Visiting friends!

  1. I like the whiskey line up! Here’s to good friends 😎

    1. Indeed! We may have noted a few bourbon and whiskey to pick up at home!

  2. You guys are looking good! So glad you are having a good and are getting lots of fresh air!

    1. Fresh air every day, all day long!

  3. We were so glad that we were able to spend some time with you while you were in the area. Occasionally, living in the high desert of California pays off. This week, it was a blessing to be here when friends were near. We look forward to seeing where your journey takes you.

    1. Thank you Donna!

  4. Not commenting much but definitely keeping up to date with your blog. Thanks for taking the time. Went out and got Wild from Cheryl Strayed from the library and going to be cracking that open shortly after the current group of books are set down. Stay safe and continued success!

    1. Hey Scott-I’m glad you’re following along! It’s a world away from you and I discussing hiking the PCT to actually hiking the PCT! Come on out and say hello when we’re in your neck of the woods. (You can come to CA to say hello too, but it might be a little expensive.)

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