Lunch & Dinner with Rosie’s

Noelle here:

I had lunch with Rosie today. She’s been following our blog and I’m so glad we were able to meet! What a wonderful thing when two strangers can become a part of one another’s lives.

We met for Mexican food, because well, margaritas and tacos.

What a wonderful time of getting to know one another and sharing our love of hiking. She brought pictures from her early days of backpacking, when she routinely carried 60 pounds! Bad A$$! I learned how she met her husband at a Sierra Club mountaineering class. And how they used to take their dog backpacking. He did have to carry his own food. 😁

Rosie showed me a picture of her oldest son on the trail. He was a toddler then and so adorable.

Meeting Rosie was the same as meeting another hiker on the trail. That quick connection among people who enjoy the same things. Thank you, dear one!


We also got to see our friends John, Donna and Rosie again in Tehachapi! We met for dinner at the Red House BBQ. So delicious and so good of them to drive out to see us again.

Donna restocked us on eggs! The hikers were incredibly happy!

6 thoughts on “Lunch & Dinner with Rosie’s

  1. CAROL KRAJEWSKI June 13, 2019 — 6:06 am

    Will you be hiking over to Nashville in Sept?

    1. Haha. Not this year Carol! ❤️

  2. From —MOM Good to hear from you =guys+-

    SO SORRY Steven has a facial allergy to soap and water-must be from all that rich food he is consuming. Otherwise he looks fine. Dad says Steven looks amazing? I’ll hang it up to “just possibly= What more can a mom say when there so many miles between us.

    1. Hahaha Hahaha. Steve does seem to have something growing on his face! It’s quite amazing, in the true McGarvey sense of the word! Love you both lots. Noelle. 😏🤣❤️

  3. Most sunscreen Steve!! 😉

    Jason Adee

    1. That’s what I keep reminding him, Jason! 😏

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