PCT: Day 107

Miles today: 19.9

Trail miles sum: 846

Trail location: 1521.1

Elevation: 6496

Spinning on the turntable: Coldplay: Parachutes

Over 4000ft elevation gain today. Let me say that again….4000ft….up…

I started at mile 1501 and worked my way to 1520. Woof.

I must admit though, I do like the Shasta-Trinity section. I’m hiking in a dense forest

and then “bam!” A breathtaking view. It’s just bloody glorious!

The climbing though, well, ouch. Up is up, eh?

Noelle joined me for the first six miles and it was great to chat as we began the days hike.

After Noelle headed back towards the van I began the serious ascent.

I had to remind myself to keep climbing many, many times. I was gasping for breath and ogling the sights.

I did run into this little fella.

The rattle snake was only about two feet long. It did shake his rattles at me. They were tiny little rattles. I heard that the young rattle snakes can be unpredictable so I gave it a wide berth.

The trail was super steep and full of loose rocks. I was traveling from shade spot to shade spot. The temp was quite moderate but the rocks reflected the heat right back up at me. If I was a biscuit I would have been browned both top and bottom.

The views helped tremendously.

I’m enjoying a “second spring” as the flowers are blooming. As I’m climbing in elevation I’m hiking in sections of the trail that were covered in snow just a week or two ago.

It’s so much fun to be swinging around the western side of Mt. Shasta and see it from another perspective.

I called it a day after twelve hours of hiking and cooked my dinner on the side of the trail.

6 thoughts on “PCT: Day 107

  1. Awesome πŸ‘ hike Steve! Love your photos. Would not like seeing a rattler. Bob and I saw a baby rattler about 6 inches long on our walk along the Central Pacific Coast Montana de Oro, and that put me on edge for the rest of my walk that day.
    Take care😊 Blessings, Liz from Fresno Retro

    1. The rattles do wake me up!

  2. Steve, I’m sure you’re not the only one that’s glad you’re not a biscuit!!! I’m glad you’re not a biscuit! πŸ™‚ Beautiful pictures. I would probably be constantly walking off the trail because of uncontrollable ogling. To both of you – Be Well!

    1. I’m constantly taking pictures. The scenery is beyond amazing! I’ve leaned to stop, focus and take the image. Or even to just stop and look. Too much looking β€œup” and not paying attention to the trail has left me falling face forward on the trail when I trip on a root or rock.

  3. Steve/Noelle, great pics except for the rattler-watch yer step.. πŸ–– Mom n Dad:

    1. The little rattler was on the side of the trail but I heard his little rattles shaking at me.

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