PCT: Day 124

Miles today: 22.3

Trail miles sum: 1113.7

Trail location: 1796

Elevation: 6697

Spinning on the turntable: The Clash: London calling

Today was a long, slow, hot, mosquito infested climb. Yesterday my feet had wings, today my shoes are filled with an extra ten pounds. I’m dragging.

I broke out the mosquito head net for the first time today.

It fell off my hat when I took a break and I needed to backtrack to my break spot to find it. Little lapses in paying attention cost me too much time.

Another beat paw sharpening station. I’m watching for tracks but haven’t seen any yet.

Bees and mosquitoes are buzzing around my tent tonight. I need a bug zapper. Time for earplugs and sleep.

4 thoughts on “PCT: Day 124

  1. Don’t worry about the bears, Steve! you’ve got a knife!

    1. Am I seeing this correctly? Either you used your knife to cut two toes off of a cat … or that’s … a spider?

      1. You’re the first person to correctly guess that it’s a pic of two toes from a cats paw. (You win a yellow knife.)

    2. I use it often to open cheese and cracker packages

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