PCT: Day 156

Miles today: 18.5

Trail miles sum: 1711.6

Trail location: 2393.9

Elevation: 3028

Spinning on the turntable: Pitch Perfect

It’s humid this morning. The weather is debating between rain and not rain and can’t seem to decide in which direction to land. I’d actually prefer rain.

It’s only about 75 degrees out but I’m sweating like crazy. Yuk.

I saw this gigantic mushroom and I’m guessing it was 10 inches wide.

The trail today is more green tunnel. Mentally this is more difficult for me than the hard uphill climbs. Not much to look at, no breeze, little wildlife. I actually feel sleepy as I hike.

I really enjoy the trees that appear to be absorbing the PCT signs. Just Do It!

I’m just wanting today’s hike to conclude. Tonight we’re meeting up with two hikers, a father daughter combo, that we met on Day 1 on the trail. I’m far more interested in seeing them than I am in walking through this humid and rocky patch of the PCT.

3 thoughts on “PCT: Day 156

  1. My issue with “the green tunnel” is the skeeters; no breeze allows them to fly at will, and I am clearly the tastier choice.

    You have flown through Washington!

    1. Let’s hike together a bit! I prefer to hike with hikers that the skeeters love. Washington is a tough hike.

  2. Now THAT’S a mushroom! I almost expected to see Alice’s caterpillar sitting (with hookah) on top of it!

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