PCT: Day 162: Berry belly

Miles today: 22
Trail miles sum: 1826.9
Trail location: 2509.2
Elevation: 3939
Spinning on the turntable: 2Cellos: In2uition

I started the day out with a berry blow out at 6AM. I managed to make it about fifty yards from camp before the explosion occurred. Sorry fellow campers! What’s that noise?!? A moose? Oh, that’s just the old guy who ate too many berries yesterday…(It was a solid double!)

I managed to earn myself a bee sting while trying to pee on the side of the trail this morning. I stepped directly on top of the bee hive and didn’t know it until the first bee stung me. I looked down, saw the bee commotion, and ran like a school child. Thankfully no one saw me come tearing out of the underbrush with one hand gripping my hiking poles and the other hand protecting my tasty bits. Not pretty. I hadn’t been stung in decades. It hurts. I fished the stinger out and continued on my way.

The distance is growing great!

It’s fun to see the different types of distance notations, miles versus kilometers. The end of this section is growing closer.

Berry mile marker
And another berry mile marker

The clouds seem to be hiding many of the mountains. I know that they’re there, but my ability to see them is hampered by the clouds.

More mushrooms

I’m looking forward to the end of this section. Washington is tough. When the clouds roll in and the visibility is poor, well, this just kind of sucks. Up and down hills for the sake of going up and down the hills. Yawn.

I’m starting to think about the logistical challenges with reverse thru-hike in the Sierra; many resupply locations are closing at the end of September. I may need to hike away from the trail for some resupply stops, which will add days to the mix.

8 thoughts on “PCT: Day 162: Berry belly

  1. With that title I hoped it wasn’t too bad and you would survive without calling it quits.

  2. Watching your adventure vicariously from afar, as a semi-mobile 62 year old who struggles to still get out and enjoy, I appreciate your efforts greatly. Love the photos especially.
    I offer this bit of hard-earned wisdom to you: It is extraordinary that you are out there and doing this. Even on your least desirable days you are doing what many of us only wish we could still do. Appreciate it all, regardless, because there will come a time indeed.

    1. Thanks for following our journey. It’s challenging to be open and honest about what we’re experiencing without sounding like we’re continually complaining. It’s an amazing, amazing trek and we’re so lucky to be here. I think about it every day. It’s also a amazingly difficult trail that tests our bodies and mental capabilities every single day.

  3. Looks like you left some nice chanterelles ( the mushrooms) by the trail.

    1. Those are false chanterelles. They will make “berry belly” feel like a walk in the park. joe lee

      1. Luckily I’m not picking and eating but I am picking and grinning!

    2. I haven’t picked any yet but some of the mushrooms sure do look like they belong in a salad.

  4. Chainsaw Manlove October 8, 2019 — 11:49 pm

    You should have left a mileage marker with your berry exodus in the morning.

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