Wanna go for broke?

Survey says?!?

Time to shoot for all the marbles!

11 thoughts on “Wanna go for broke?

  1. No Sierra snow panic for you this year!

    Well, maybe a little.

  2. Wwwwwhaaaatttt?!?!? Is screen shot from days gone by? Or…

      1. Change of plans!? Either way, best of luck!

  3. I may have missed something but I got my permit anyway………..What now? I’ll put it in the marble game and pass it on to the winner…………

  4. Yay! Crazy is as crazy does.

  5. Congratulations. I was following your adventures last year. I tested the permitting system last Nov and I was number 10,005. Needless to say all the dates were gone. Meant to try again in January but life got in the way. Applying for real this November for a 2021 trip. Any hints on what preparation you did to get you permit. Also like to see your gear list for this year. Well good luck. I am heading to Nepal in March to trek to the Everest Base Camp

    1. In our latest registratino attempt we connected several laptops, cellphones, Kindle(s) and IPAD’s. We kept the two devices that had lowest “queue” numbers and disconnected the remaining devices. I’ve read that other folks were connecting multiple times with numerous connections on the same device.

      We’re been working on our gear lists and should have them out soon.

      I’m very interested in the Base Camp trek! It’s very much on my radar. Are you going with an organized group?


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