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We’re Steve and Noelle and we write this travel blog dedicated to showing how we’re choosing to live more fully in each moment and how YOU CAN TOO.  Our lives may not always be pretty, but it’s our adventure of a lifetime.  We hope you’ll follow along with us.  Your comments and emails always make our days and bring smiles to our hearts.

Steve and Noelle in front of stupas and ruins

In our early 50’s, we’ve sold our house, sold our cars and quit our fantastic jobs. We’ve placed almost all of our belongings into storage…so we’re effectively homeless.  We’re taking at least two years off work to hike, backpack, eat lots of food and explore the world.  We not only want to share our experiences with you, we also want to share the best ways you can take steps towards your own adventure, whether big or small.  We’ll share places & adventures we’ve experienced, as well as some tips, inspiration and best travel practices we’ve learned along the way.


We’ve raised five kids and a handful of dogs between us and now we have the joy of seeing our children raising their own families.  It’s a beautiful sight!  Both sets of our parents instilled strong work ethics into us, so we thought we’d follow the norm and work till retirement age and then maybe do a little exploring “then”.  What we didn’t count on was the life changing events of some heart issues Steve experienced.  Combined with the death of Noelle’s mom, we sat down to re-evaluate.  We chose to dramatically change our lives in order to live in the moment.  From thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail to beginning to explore Southeast Asia, we set out for adventure.  To be sure, Covid19 has had other ideas for us, as has the loss of another parent, Alzheimer’s and all the challenges & rewards that aging parents bring.  Our hearts are full, our minds are open and we plan to continue living fully despite what life hands us!



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These articles are all about who we are:

PCT Finishers medal

2652 miles is a very long distance to hike with a heavy load.

Willkommen Welcome, Come on in

Willkommen Welcome, Come on in! Our website is kind of like our home. So come in, put your feet up, drink some coffee and stay awhile!

where to go next-24 months of exploration

Deciding "where to go next" is a big topic for us. Here's my answer; I don't know. We had a rough master plan put together when we left our jobs two years ago. Thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, India and a solid maybe to somewhere...

No, I’m really not doing ok

Visiting my mom at her Alzheimer's care facility As a birthday surprise last month I took my dad to visit my mom for a window visit at her Alzheimer’s care facility. My parents haven’t seen each other, face to face, for at least nine months due to COVID restrictions...

Struggles during this Pandemic Year

How I’m working through my struggles during this pandemic year. Exercising more, trying to meditate more, and honestly…eating more!

Steve and Noelle: proof of life

Hi friends and family! Colleen, here’s further proof of life...we’s been a while! We’ve been super busy in Colorado Springs since we returned from Vietnam to quarantine earlier this year. We then stayed to help liquidate and sell Steve’s parents’ home and...

Stay at Home: A month back in the US

We’ve been back to the US for a month. Here’s how it’s going for us with the stay at home order in Colorado & how our future may look.

The dream versus reality of traveling for one year

We explore the dream of what it might be like to travel for one year versus the reality of what it’s actually like to travel for one year.

Off on a new adventure

Noelle here: The last week has been so difficult and also so inspiring. My dad passed from this life to the next. He’s off to dance with my mom again. To sit beside his savior. He’s at peace from the struggle of Parkinson’s and can rest. Mom & Dad Two of my...

A long goodbye

I’m not sure in which specific year I started calling my mom on New Year’s Eve, at the stroke of midnight, to wish her a happy New Years. Last min REI pre-PCT stop I think it started when I was in my early twenties. We were discussing New Years traditions and my mom...