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Life in an Arctic Fox Episode 3

Winter is fast approaching as we leave the Northern Cascades and head for Glacier National Park. It seems that we're racing the clock and we try to relax an enjoy the scenery, yet hustle to stay ahead of the incoming winter season. We've not yet experienced winter...

Glacier National Park: Visiting during a Pandemic Year

Glacier National Park in the Fall of the year of Covid-19 is very crowded. Add a camper that's too tall to travel on Going to the Sun Road, and it isn't ideal. However, it's still amazing and we've enjoyed it like crazy. Noelle here, by the way. We drove up from...

Sauk Mountain Trail in the North Cascades

Sauk Mountain is in the Northern Cascades near Concrete, Washington. It's on Highway 20 westbound, just before Rockport State Park. Noelle here, by the way. We turned left off Hwy 20 onto Forest Service Road 1030. The seven mile road is steep in places and mostly one...

Life in a Arctic Fox 990-Episode 2

Hi Friends- Happy Friday! This week we're headed into the Northern Washington Cascade mountains for a little more adrenaline and a touch more stomach acid that we bargained for when we take Cupcake up a very steep dirt/gravel road. All is (somewhat) OK until we reach...

Life in a Arctic Fox 990-Episode 1

It's hard to miss the sexy beast of the 990 We're excited to launch a new series of short YouTube videos chronicling our traveling adventures in our Arctic Fox 990. We'll roll out content early for our Patreon subscribers. So with that said, here's our inaugural post....