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Life in a Arctic Fox 990-Episode 10

Episode 10! We're really excited to share our VLOG with you this week. There are some weeks of travel that are less than memorable. We're moving from Point A to Point B. Nothing all that exciting happens, we're just a body in motion. In our marriage, we often talk...

Area 51

Traveling to area 51 We left sunny Palmdale California and said goodbye to our friends John, Donna and Rosie as we embarked on our epic quest to reach Area 51 outside of Las Vegas Nevada. We'd swung by their place for an afternoon, but ended up spending two days....

Life in a Arctic Fox 990-Episode 9

This week we're heading into Colorado as we continue our trek "East" in our Arctic Fox 990. Our goal is to arrive in Colorado Springs within the next few days. We hope to spend time with family and relax for a few days before hitting the road again. After that, we'll...

Crawford Landing Campground

& Honey Island Swamp Tour Crawford Landing Campground is easy to get to and has huge beautiful oak trees for plenty of summertime shade. Since we were here the last week in December, we opted to park in the full sun and it was perfect! Our camper warmed up in the...

Life in a Arctic Fox 990 Episode 8

This week we're pushing on the gas pedal a little bit as we make our way from the Pacific Ocean on the California Coast to Colorado. (Well, pushing the gas pedal might be a little bit of an overstatement, we tend to poke along.) Along the way we stop at Vasquez Rocks...