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Bangkok Daytrip to Ayutthaya

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Steve has spent years traveling in Japan with his job, which is a little different than traveling for fun, but still pretty awesome.  This year, our goal was to spend six months traveling throughout SE Asia.  However, Covid-19 had other ideas so we came home early, although we still enjoyed a month in Thailand and a couple weeks in Hanoi, Vietnam.  We have great plans to go back, once the world settles down, but in the meantime, take a look at our Asia adventures! 



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We spent most of our Thailand time in Bangkok for sight-seeing and food!  Then on Ko Tao, where we snorkled and relaxed! Around Japan, we’ve explored Tokyo, Mito, Nakaminato, and more.  

Cases of Bangkok Belly

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Number of Frights while Crossing Streets in Vietnam

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There’s so much to love about SE Asia!  It’s a crazy mix of old & new; markets & temples; chaotic cities & miles of sandy beaches.

Vietnamese Drivers and  how to cross the street

Vietnamese Drivers and how to cross the street

Vietnamese drivers! Let me tell you, we were forewarned. Noelle here, by the way. We read many a blog post, travel book advisory, news articles and Reddit posts too, and they all had one theme in common, beware the Vietnamese drivers! How to cross the street in...

The New Covid Normal

The New Covid Normal

The new Covid normal is so many things that are brand new. Frankly, most of the new normal isn't all that normal or all that great. The New Covid Normal: txting about important topics I'm now txting with my dad about fairly serious topics. We’ve really started to...

The Dogs of Vietnam & why I love them

The Dogs of Vietnam & why I love them

The dogs of Vietnam stole my heart (Noelle here). Maybe in part because of the uncertainty of the Covid 19 pandemic, I am really missing Buddy. Little dogs are such amazing friends and indeed they're great therapy. As the doors and shops shuttered around us in Hanoi,...

Identical row of Buddha images draped in saffron colored robes

Bangkok: Chinatown Street Food Market

We explored ChinaTown at night, when it’s converted into a giant street food extravaganza. What a treat of sights, smells and tastes!

Bangkok Street Food

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Explore temples and ancient ruins.  Travel by train, water ferry, subway and tuk-tuk!




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City dogs
Touring the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is one item on both our bucket lists! Come along as we explore the boats, vendors, foods & sights along the way.
Thailand Wat Suthat Bangkok Temples