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The best time to visit Vietnam is from December through February…but the country is long and narrow. So the temperatures vary from North to South.  The North may be cool enough for a jacket, so be sure to pack one.  But the South is more likely to be swimsuit weather, so pack one of those too!

The cheapest month to fly to Vietnam is September, and it’s the end of the super hot summer season.  So it could be a good time to go for the budget-minded.  The North will still be warm enough to trek through Sapa. 

Hanoi reminded us so much of Paris, even having it’s own version of the Notre Dame Cathedral.  Plenty of culture and delicious food, mixed with places to hike and backpack.  What more could one want from a country? 


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There’s so much to love about SE Asia!  It’s a crazy mix of old & new; markets & temples; chaotic cities & miles of sandy beaches.

Vietnamese Drivers and  how to cross the street

Vietnamese Drivers and how to cross the street

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Huc Bridge to Jade Island

So much food!

The food in Vietnam is to die for.  From the most decadent egg coffee to pho and everything in between.  We toured Hanoi with a young man who fed us Bún Chả like President Obama & Anthony Bourdain, then whisked us away for soup,coffee and fruit. Another night we wandered to a restaurant reccomended by a friend for Chả Cá Thăng Long (Tumeric Fish with Dill). We could eat this food for the rest of our lives and be so happy! Catch a bite with us!

Steve walking the lake

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Great Food.  Crazy Drivers.  Beautiful Scenery.



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