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Yellowstone National Park

United States exploration in our truck camper

Our United States travel is in a truck camper! We bought an Arctic Fox 990 and a Dodge Ram 3500 dual rear wheel, one-ton pickup in July, 2020 during the height of the spread of Covid-19.  The combination makes for a fantastic way to see the country.  Social distancing is a breeze, so for these two introverts, it’s a great way to travel.  We’re around people if we want to be and not when we don’t!  The US has beautiful countryside and we’re exploring as much as we can.  When you’re stuck in your own country during a global pandemic, what else are you going to do?  We decided to travel to places we’d normally skip to head abroad.  So off we go!   

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From trip planning to best camping spots.  Learn about our favorite mountains and lakes. We’ve been all around the West Coast, the Pacific Northwest, the Southern Coastal areas, Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho.  We hope you’ll follow along and see where life is taking us as we travel the United States in search of good food, new friends and always adventure!  There’s so much to see and do in our own backyards.  We’ve been exploring Area 51 and Roswell, New Mexico.  Louisiana food and a cold weekend at the beach in Florida.  We loved exploring Yellowstone National Park and Glacier was pretty awesome too.  So much hiking and so dang many elk!  What a great adventure!

Visit Anchorage, Alaska

Visit Anchorage, Alaska

When you visit Anchorage, Alaska, it’s like visiting a new world. The wilderness is wild, the animals abundant, and food tasty. See our faves!

Area 51

Steve was in heaven as we visited this portion of the huge Area 51.  Rachel, Nevada is out in the middle of no where, with miles of open skies.  We boon docked where a local suggested and had amazing views, all to ourselves.  While we didn’t see any actual aliens, we still had a great time!

Area 51

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