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There’s so much to love about SE Asia!  It’s a crazy mix of old & new; markets & temples; chaotic cities & miles of sandy beaches

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Number of Frights While Crossing the Street In SE Asia

Steve has spent years traveling in Japan with his job, slightly different from traveling for fun but still pretty awesome.  In 2020, our goal was to spend six months traveling throughout SE Asia.  However, Covid-19 had other ideas, so we came home early, although we still enjoyed a month in Thailand and a couple weeks in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Thailand beaches hold so much relaxation, sunshine, and opportunities for adventure.  We got crazy sunburns while snorkeling.  We drank out of coconuts.  And we played till our hearts felt content!

Hanoi captured our imaginations as we wanted to see more than we could.  Covid already had much of the city shut down when we arrived, and it quickly closed around us.  But it was beautiful…the people, the food…outstanding. 

We’ve returned to SE Asia in 2022! Currently visiting Cambodia before moving on to Chiang Mai. Join our adventures from the comfort of your couch…without all the sweat!