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The good, the bad, and the ugly of living in a truck camper.  Our Arctic Fox 990 is a beauty and we sure love her. We’re living full-time in a truck camper while traveling around the US.  We’re visiting lots of cool places and learning a ton about RV life! Sometimes we find a spot we love, so we stay for a few days. And other times, we don’t find it so appealing and we simply move on.  That’s the beauty of driving around our home!  We can stay or go as we please.  Hope you enjoy following along.

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It’s all about truck camper living. Everything you need to know to set out on your own RV adventure. We’re exploring the United States, so come along for the ride!

Summer Project Wrap-up

Summer Project Wrap-up

Here’s our summer project wrap-up as we come to the end of the season. We made some improvements to Cupcake and even reduced our expenses.

Freelance Work As Full Time RVers

Freelance Work As Full Time RVers

Getting freelance work takes a lot of hustling. Pitching to new employers takes time. Here’s how we find new jobs & stay engaged in writing.

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Watch our truck camper tour to see how we live day to day.  From storage to set up, we’re sharing it all.  Check our the video below and be sure to check out all our vids over on YouTube.  Give us a thumbs up if you’re enjoying our content.  And let us know what else you’d like to see!

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I’m a list maker.  We both are.  We enjoy collecting data and then comparing choices.  When we purchased our truck camper, we searched online for a checklist.  Something to help us remember all the important details.  Something to aid our decision-making process.  We ended up with three different lists that I hodge-podge into one.  Now that we’ve owned our truck camper for a while, we’ve refined our checklist.  Click below and we’ll send it to you!