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10 Things I learned in my first 1000 miles on the PCT

Our Love of Hiking

Hiking is our thing.  It’s our couple thing, our family thing, our exercise and our connection to nature.  Since the beginning, day-hikes have been part of our relationship. Then our first backpacking experience in the late 90’s hooked us.

We hiked around Washington’s Mt Rainier on The Wonderland Trail.  Even though it was super difficult with elevation gains & losses at the equivalent of ascending/descending the mountain twice, we’d still do it again!  We loved it (and also hated it a little).  After that, we’ve done countless day and weekend hikes. 

And we always have the Pacific Crest Trail in the back of our minds.  So in 2019 we set out to thru-hike it! The trail stretches from the boarder of California and Mexico all the way up to the boarder of Washington and Canada.  In preparation, we sold our house and moved into an apartment, which just happened to be right down the street from REI!  Later, we quit our jobs and planned an adventure! What a crazy ride the PCT was, even when it didn’t go according to plan.  So, basically the foundation of our marriage is rooted in dirt, stream crossings and long meandering paths.  And it’s such a good life!

Hiking History Over the Years

We hike to be outdoors, to experience nature in all her beauty, and to connect with each other & with other hikers.  Hiking fills us with peace and exhilaration for what our bodies can accomplish. Another awesome reason we hike is because lots of miles = lots of trail snacks!  Of course, that’s a great bonus! We ran many miles together in our younger years.  But now hiking fulfills that desire for sunshine, nature and good company. 

Pairs of Trail Shoes

Nights in the Wilderness

Hamburgers enjoyed after hiking

Tents Owned

Walk the Pacific Crest Trail With Us

Check out each section of the trail with us below.  Or click our blog posts page to just read it all in chronological order.  If, you know, you like to read this kind of hiker-trash thing!  

Recent Hiking Articles

From expenses & trip planning to weight loss reports.  Learn about our favorite hikes and backpacking spots.

Devils Tower (Bear Lodge) Wyoming

Devils Tower (Bear Lodge) Wyoming

Devils Tower (Bear Lodge) stands tall out of Wyoming’s prairie. A sacred place; great for climbing & walking. It’s beauty lured us for miles.

Day 258: The end of the trail

Day 258: The end of the trail

Day:258 Direction: Southbound  Trail location: 1954 Cumulative miles hiked 2019/2021: 2620 Cumulative miles hiked 2021: 623Miles hiked today: 24.9Elevation: 6051 High/low temp/humidity: 70/52/10 Spinning on the turntable: Yann Tiersen: EUSA So here we are, you...

Day 171 of the PCT

Closing in on the Washington and Canada border, and it’s a cold, rainy, wintery day.  Hiking is a gift and a challenge, with so many sides to the same coin.  Come along for the journey!

Closing in on the Washington and Canada border.  It's a cold, rainy, wintery day.  Hiking is a gift and a challenge.  Come along for the journey!

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