Winter is fast approaching as we leave the Northern Cascades and head for Glacier National Park. It seems that we’re racing the clock and we try to relax an enjoy the scenery, yet hustle to stay ahead of the incoming winter season.

We’ve not yet experienced winter driving in Cupcake. What I do know is that Cupcake loves to catch a strong breeze and rip us across a lane (or two) of traffic. Adding snow and ice to the mix makes me a tad bit nervous.

Join us this week as we streak, or slowly meander, our way across Northern Washington, Northern Idaho and land inside Glacier National Park. It wasn’t what we were expecting, at all.

Along the way we start working on Cupcake. We’ve been together for about six months, and we need to start addressing a few of her annoying issues.

Enjoy! Have a great weekend


Episode 3