Miles today: 20.3

Trail miles sum: 884.9

Trail location: 1560

Elevation: 6860

Spinning on the turntable: INXS: The very best

I started the day on a spicy note. A benefit of the camper van is the refrigerator. I keep a few yogurts handy and eat a banana and yogurt for breakfast. Somehow I had purchased a raspberry plus Serrano pepper concoction. Nasty. Sadly, I threw it away and ate two banana’s. I hadn’t prepared overnight oatmeal so I was flat out of luck if I didn’t want to cook something.


“Hello darkness diarrhea my old friend,

I’ve come to talk with you again.”

Yup…Living. The. Dream.

I popped an Imodium AD and got on with my morning. I felt fine, other than the diarrhea, so off I went.

Three days ago I contacted the Urgent Care facility that I visited a few weeks ago and requested that they send my lab test results to my home town physician. You’d have thought they never deal with patients that are traveling through town. No, I could not return to their office to sign a release for them to send my poo lab results to my physician. Lord have mercy! (…and the congregants say?) Anyway, I’ll touch bases with my own physician and follow up.

I’m not so worried though. When I was a long distance runner we all knew and talked about “runners trots”. Too much fluid combined with massive physical exertion equaled diarrhea. Perhaps my food/fluid intake was off yesterday.

Today I slack packed. I’ve stripped my backpack down to water, snacks and first aid. Everything else remained in the van. It makes for an easier day when I know I’ll see Noelle in the evening.

I’m working towards increasing my daily miles so this is a good step in that direction.

PCT Day 109

Woodsy trail

I’m not seeing as many animals as I am seeing their tracks on the trail.


I think this is deer hoof prints.

PCT Day 109

Animal tracks on the trail



PCT Day 109

Cow prints


Not sure about this one. (I don’t know the difference between cat prints and dog prints.). Anyone have knowledge to share?

PCT Day 109
Cat or dog prints
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