Miles today: 19.7

Trail miles sum: 924.6

Trail location: 1599.8

Elevation: 5977

Spinning on the turntable: Boston: Boston

The past few days I’ve been ricocheted up and down the mountains and today was no different.

I started the morning with a sharp climb right out of the gate.

This picture is a good example on the challenge of hiking uphill: I’m guessing the angle of the mountain (left to right) was 40-45 degrees. The upward angle of the path (top to bottom) was maybe 10 degrees. I’m leaning forward and to the right as I hike to compensate for the angles. It’s very tiring on the ankles.

Did I mention the amazing views?

I’ve noticed two things in the Klamath National Forest so far:

1) Lots of horse poop on the trail

2) Trails that are well maintained. Most trees that have fallen across the path have been cut up with a chainsaw and removed.

It may not stay this way but I’m very appreciative at this moment. Log scrambles are not my favorite hiking activity.

There were a few patches of snow to navigate this afternoon but nothing too serious.

I have no idea what animal this is from. Anyone know?

How about this one? Noelle’s thinking bear.

I was again hiking through a burned out section. It’s very quiet and kind of like being imported into a black and white picture.

Noelle hiked up to me late this afternoon. It’s been great seeing her every night for the past few days. Tomorrow I’ll head out on a fifty mile stretch. If the ankles and knees are willing I’ll knock it out in two days. If not, three days.

We made an appointment for a tune up on the van next week so we’re now hiking towards a time/date commitment.

Speaking of commitments, we’re also trying to project our hiking locations into late July/August/September on our schedule to see friends and family as we pass through Portland and Seattle. We’re footloose and fancy free but know that everyone else isn’t . If I hike at this pace, with this many zero and nero days, I’ll be at X location on X date. Maybe.

I heard another hiker stressing over the exact same issues we’re stressing over so I know it’s a universal challenge.

Several hikers have expressed concern that I’ll ditch the trail when we get close to family. Guess that happens every year. I’m just working on the hike today and not projecting out too far in the distance. It will be good to see our family.

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