Noelle here:

This last week has been so beautiful. Steve is trekking through the Trinity Alps. Oh my goodness, the views, the trail, the sunrises & sunsets and the hikers! It’s been a good time.

I met Bull and Bull Rider as I was meeting Steve to go into Mt Shasta. They are section hiking, but this section was going to be a nine day food carry. That’s a heavy load! And Bull Rider doesn’t even carry her fair share. In fact, she got her trail name because she bums a ride from Bull on top of his pack! Little Slacker. ❀️

After picking up Steve, we made a stop in Dunsmuir at Yaks on I5. It’s a Yelp top 100 restaurant and it was pretty good. Maybe not in my personal top 100, but likely. Actually I’d be hard pressed to name my personal top 100. Goals!!!

I also saw this sign for the first time. We’re getting closer!

We spent a day in Mt Shasta, right at the base of the mountain. Beautiful.

Back on trail, we hiked in Castle Crag State Park, as the sun came up.

It was like a painting!

After a nice out and back hike, I drove ahead to Parks Creek where I’d see Steve the next day.

I hung out with Santa and two hikers from South Korea.

True to his name, Santa opened his food bag and let the other two choose whatever they’d like. πŸ’• He calls himself a LASH (long ass section hiker). He’s been plugging away at the trail for the last few years since his wife passed. I’d guess he’s in his 70’s, since he has kids my age, but you’d never know it! He said he feels very close to his wife out here. Just the dearest hiker imaginable.

The views up there were stunning.

I met some kids fishing for trout. As I continued on, I heard one of them yelling, “I got one, I got one!”

this is easily one of my favorite sections of the trail thus far.

While I was out snapping sunset pictures, I snapped this one through the van’s window. Be still my heart!

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