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Thanks for heading over here to check out this opportunity to adventure with us!  When we were hiking the Pacific Crest Trail last year, we were blown away by how many people followed our journey.  We loved getting your comments and emails and seeing where in the world you were joining us from. 

On the right, you can watch our Patreon video.  It’s basically a way for you to connect financially with what we’re doing.  We’ve realized that costs of keeping this website going are actually kind of steep, so we’re hoping you’ll see the value in helping us keep it going.

We’re glad you’re following along and we hope you’ll continue letting us hear from you!  Thank you very much.  


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Kootenai Falls, Montana: Stop here!

Kootenai Falls is on Highway 2, which crosses Northern Montana and takes you all the way to Glacier National Park. Noelle here, by the way. The drive itself is beautiful as we meandered through mountains and valleys and along rivers. I'd read about the falls on...

The Cupcake Chronicles-AKA the Arctic Fox 990

We’re excited to be opening a new chapter in our lives with you.  We’re going to call this chapter the “Cupcake Chronicles”.  We’ll update our website with posts about where we’re “at” and what we’re “doing”.  We have a few new methods for you to follow...

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Please be patient as we add to this section. It's a little behind but we're working on it. Turns out switching to a new website style is a LOT of work! Join our email list and we'll let you know when we're up and going.

Steve and Noelle: proof of life

Hi friends and family! Colleen, here’s further proof of life...we’s been a while! We’ve been super busy in Colorado Springs since we returned from Vietnam to quarantine earlier this year. We then stayed to help liquidate and sell Steve’s parents’ home and...

Vietnamese Drivers and how to cross the street

Vietnamese drivers! Let me tell you, we were forewarned. Noelle here, by the way. We read many a blog post, travel book advisory, news articles and Reddit posts too, and they all had one theme in common, beware the Vietnamese drivers! How to cross the street in...