Boondocking in Yuma, Arizona

boondocking in Yuma

This week we’re boondocking in Yuma, Arizona. We had a plan for our week, but it didn’t turn out quite the way we expected. In between a flat tire, brake issues, one of us getting zapped by electricity and an errant electrical issue on the truck camper, we didn’t spend much time relaxing. But we still had a great time!

Yuma is a great city with lots of action in the downtown area. The BBQ and Beer Festival called to us, so we happily answered the call and joined in the fun. Who doesn’t want to go to a BBQ contest, where you get to sample all the entries? Sounded like a good idea to Steve and me. Well, apparently, it sounded like a good idea to a large portion of Yuma’s population as well! It was crowded, hot and the food lines were really, really long.

We sampled ribs, pulled pork and BBQ pork tacos. The tacos were by far both of our favorites and we wished we’d ordered more of them. We also ate some bacon wrapped, deep-fried Oreos, which I loved. Steve, however, happily gave me half of his. It just wasn’t his jam! We had a good time wandering, sampling and people watching, before heading back out to the desert!

We also headed to the library for a couple days, where we soaked up the WiFi and ate lemon cupcakes. Yuma has some good tastes!

Boondocking in Yuma
Lemon cupcakes

Boondocking in Yuma – trials

Boondocking in Yuma had its drawbacks though. From 1:30 am off-road vehicles playing loud music as they made their way across the sand to a flat tire when we picked up a screw. We did experience some challenges but Steve continues upping his game, so he had us back on the road in no time.

Flat tire
Pesky screw in the tire

We’ve been having some electrical issues with the truck, like it randomly has a dead battery from time to time. Vinnie, who we met at the Truck Camper Adventure Rally in Quartzsite suggested that it could be a brake sensor. He used to have the same truck and camper as us and he also experienced electrical issues. So Steve changed out the sensor and we’ll see if it makes a difference for us.

Boondocking Happiness

I have to tell you about another project Steve worked on this week! My fly zapper quit working recently. The thing cost about $12 from Walgreens and I’ve had it since the summer of 2019. I’ve certainly gotten my money out of it and then some. Well, Steve decided to take it apart to see the trouble and oh my goodness…the thing must have shocked him four or five times. Being the loving wife that I am, I hurried to turn on the camera in order to capture this awesomeness. I could not stop laughing, and honestly, I’m chuckling just writing about it. You have got to watch it. I think it comes in around the 12 minute mark of the video, so if you only have a couple minutes, just skip right to it.

It will fill you with happiness. I’m not even kidding. So check out our video about boondocking in Yuma and have yourself a little chuckle. You’ll be glad you did!


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