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Life in an Arctic Fox Truck Camper – E5

Cooking in a truck camper is cozy. It’s kind of an intimate experience, as we’re so close together. There’s not much counter space for prep work, but we make it all come together anyway. Tofu cacciatore is on the menu, so come along as we cook in Cupcake!

This week we return to the Pacific Northwest from Yellowstone National Park on our way to Highway 101 on the Oregon Coast. Yellowstone was such an amazing place to visit. We enjoyed hiking all around the Park and seeing so many animals. If you’ve not made it to this Park, you’ve got to get there!

Along the way we visit Craters of the Moon Park, which is a sight to behold. It’s a volcanic region with miles and miles of lava flow. We still aren’t sure if we love it or hate it, but it’s definitely worth a stop. We spent the night at Lava Flow Campground, because just the name of it is cool.

Then we visit our daughter and her family in Mountain Home Idaho before heading home to Portland, Oregon to see the rest of our children and grands. Ah family time, it does our hearts good. It starts to rain, because it’s the start of winter in the Pacific Northwest, so we take that as our cue to begin our winter trek to the south. It’s hard to leave our family, but this year the rain is just doing us in.

We find a great place to stay the weekend along Oregon’s coast, up in the mountains. There we hike and explore and then continue working to develop our cooking skills in the very confined space inside our camper truck. Are we successful? You can be the judge! Enjoy this week’s video over on YouTube!

Have a great weekend! We’re excited to bring you a Christmas week FULL of content next week. (We wish we could send each of you a puppy for Christmas, but, alas, that’s not in the cards.)


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