One of the really fun things about sharing our journey with you has been the feedback we receive. The YouTube Gods have been smiling upon us lately and our YouTube channel has about 55k views, and our videos are closing in on 18k views. Thank you!

This week we’re taking a whack at a viewer recommended modification.  It helped quite a bit that we had the recommended components hanging out in the camper!

At this exact moment in time we’re kicking back and enjoying the AC in the camper.  It’s about 96 degrees outside, so we (naturally) decided to do a little baking inside.

We’re working on our project of “eat it all” and trying to bring that little ditty to fruition w/in the next few weeks.  We’re systematically eating all our perishable food items from the fridge and freezer.  Our current plan is to completely winterize Cupcake the third week of June, and  then start hiking South bound on the PCT during the fourth week of June.  

Between here and there we have a fair amount of food to consume, (dang it Costco!), and a trip home to Portland to squeeze into the mix.   We’re working like busy beavers to fit in hiking, gear testing and cardio (cough cough) in our preparation for hiking.

If you have an idea of what we can modify, change, update to tweak on Cupcake to make her more livable, don’t hesitate to drop us a note. This weeks episode, and subsequent tweak, is from a YouTube viewer that we’ve never met.

How awesome is that?!?

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