Day 196 1/2?

Noelle here:

Over the last few days I’ve taken two regional buses and three Greyhound buses to get within an hour of some friends, where they picked me up. I don’t know what I was thinking and why I forgot about airplanes. But I guess because I had to take the little buses to Reno, it never entered my mind to simply fly from there.

I suppose had I flown, I would have missed the experience that Greyhound is. The woman who propositioned the driver because she didn’t have enough cash for the ticket? Well, I’d have never even known about her! And the moment when most of the left side of the bus was exclaiming, “oh no she didn’t!” I’d have missed that woman undressing in the street in broad daylight.

These are experiences one misses entirely when one takes a plane. So I’d say, my horizons have been broadened.

I’d also say my children and grandchildren are forbidden from ever taking Greyhound! 🤣🤣🤣

When Donna picked me up, she said John asked why I wasn’t flying. It literally never entered my mind. How does that even happen?

Anyway, I’ve been with them a few days now. Waiting on a package to be delivered from our dear friend, Mark. As soon as I made the decision not to continue hiking, I had to call him and apologize. He and Claire took their time to drive down here. They took care of our truck so we could hike.

And then I only lasted four days. Four days. I still can’t believe it.

It’s 9:00pm as I peck these words out on my phone. Steve plans to wake at 2:00am to start hiking super early tomorrow. He’ll hike up 4000 feet through a burnout area with very little shade. We started hearing about this section before we even started hiking.

His last few days have consistently been really hot with a lot of elevation gain and loss. He’s told me I made a good decision for myself.

I just don’t think I made a good decision for us. I can only move forward now but once again I’ll have regret for not being able to hang with the big dogs. The crying has stopped but I’m still sad.

Being with John and Donna and Rosie has helped. They are truly a Godsend. I am grateful for their love and friendship. And also for grateful for the amazing mixologist that John is! He’s one heck of a bartender!

I’ll leave them soon and make my way north to connect with Steve. I miss him something fierce. But I am thankful for the good people in our lives who help and support us. I am thankful for small resorts in the wilderness where Steve was able to hide from the sun for a while. I am thankful for his strength and determination.

Once again our adventure is not like we planned. But we’ll still have one heck of a summer. And I’m thankful you’re interested enough to read along.


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