PCT: Day 3

Day 3 PCT

This was one of those days where it all makes sense. Glorious hiking and lots of new friends.

We slogged up the Hauser Creek Canyon early this morning and were treated with great views of Lake Morena.

We stoped for a early lunch at a Malt shop near the lake and hung out with other hikers. The food was ok, but the portion size was gigantic! We made our first food resupply purchase…the selection wasn’t great so we’ll be dining on noodles and tuna fish for the next few days.

In the afternoon we headed for Boulder Oaks campground.

(We stopped on our way there for a 30 min nap to recover from a very heavy lunch. The other hikers seem amused that they keep finding us in a blissful state of slumber on the side of the trail.)

About a dozen hikers split the $14 camp site rental fee this evening. We chatted with our fellow hikers and laughed a lot.

Boulder Oaks Campground
Boulder Oaks Campground

I think by the end of the evening there were eight tents jammed into our site. It’s cozy….

Tomorrow we have a 3k climb ahead of us.


  1. Steve

    We are super excited to share it with you!

  2. Gregory Fast

    We love sharing your journey with you!

  3. Danielle Collins

    Love reading these and seeing you with other hikers!!❤

  4. Trish Roussel

    I’m so glad you are having a time of renewal as well as an incredible journey!


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