Hiking for a cell phone signal:Cupcake Chronicles E20

Hiking for a cell phone signal is the name of the game, when it comes to boondocking in the wilderness. This week we finally found a good location, good weather, and Cupcake was well stocked. It’s the holy trinity! Unfortunately, I needed a cell phone signal to handle some of my parents’ health/business issues. So, with no other options, we climbed a series of hills in search of that holy grail of two bars of cell phone service.

Needless to say, the phone call recipients weren’t always at their desk, or didn’t have the correct information, or needed me to call somewhere else and talk to a different person, or asked me to fax them something. (Fax?!! What year is this?) So, it was a week full of hiking up and down steep hills for no good reason, mixed in with sporadic phone calls with poor reception. It was certainly a reminder that I’ve picked up a few (cough, cough) extra pounds during the past year!

hiking for a cell phone signal
Hiking to a hilltop in order to make a phone call!

In between hill hikes, I was finally able to try out one of our favorite recipes, a wild rice, vegetarian dish. We’ve been waiting to land somewhere for a few days before we try out the dish. Here was our opportunity.

We boondocked between Taos and Santa Fe and had a great time. When the sun shines, we sit outside to read books and soak up rays. We hiked all around and met the “neighbors”. It’s a couple and their dogs who live on the most amazing ranch smack in the middle of BLM land. We had a really good week and we’re glad you’ve come along to check it out. Hiking for a cell phone signal didn’t actually make the video cut. But we hope you like the rest of what we’re up to out in the desert!

Hope you enjoy!


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