Mesa Verde National Park

This week Noelle and I are touring and hiking through Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. What’s not to love about a fairly empty national park, mostly great weather and free WiFi? We had most of the Park to ourselves, with only a few of the hiking trails having more people on them than us!

What a wonderful experience, especially when we didn’t really know anything about this park before we got there. Our America the Beautiful National Park pass has more than paid for itself. We paid $80 for it and have entered so many parks that we’re certainly getting our money’s worth!

We know we have Covid to thank for empty parks, but we’re also early in the season. So it’s a little more chilly and we do get some snow and rain. But having such open access to Mesa Verde National Park more than makes up for a little inclement weather. The ruins and the petroglyphs held our attention as we hiked and drove all over. Downloading the audio tour guide also made our visit special.

Swing on by and check out this week’s YouTube episode, as we explore and hike! Have you visited Mesa Verde? We visited it based on one of our reader’s suggestions! Thanks Patrick!

How about you? Where do you think we should visit next? We have a few ideas up our sleeves, but we always enjoy hearing from our readers about where you think is a don’t miss spot. Honestly, we’d not planned to stop here until Patrick sang its praises. So tell us about your own hidden gem and we’ll try to get there too!

Related: Read our blog post about visiting Mesa Verde also. It’s full of great details for those of you who enjoy the written word to come back to and check out again and again.


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