Missile Silo! cupcake Chronicles E18

MISSILE SILO! MISSILE SILO! OK, OK. I’ll admit it. I’m pretty excited to share this weeks episode with you. The last time I was this excited was the llama farm!

One of the great things about traveling with no set agenda is that we stop when we see something that looks interesting. Sometimes we’re rewarded for our effort, and sometimes we’re not. Most of our long distance driving, as adults, has been destination orientated. This is a different kind of travel!

In this weeks episode, through a bevy of cell phone apps, we discovered a freaking Atlas MISSILE SILO! The owner, for a fee, gives tours. Oh HELL to the YES, sign us up!

What else could we do? Off we went into the New Mexico desert to hang out in a MISSILE SILO. We hung out for about two hours and went from ground level/missile launch pad down to the living quarters, down to the missile launch/control floor, down another staircase to a tunnel, through gigantic, heavy doors, to finally arrive at the actual missile silo.

We had our cameras rolling and captured a massive amount of film. We captured so many pictures and film that we had to split this episode in half! We’re posting this weeks episode here, but all the extra content, is available only for our Patreon subscribers. Shazam!

We finished our tour and spent the night camping on top of the missile silo. There are SO many jokes to be had concerning sitting on a missile, but I’ll try to behave myself and act mature.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Heidi Halverson


    • Big Dummy

      What a great location for a B&B.

      Was the silo experience worth the money?

      • mcgarveysan

        I think the experience was worth the coin. The owner said he’s sunk over a million into the facility. Literally, a money pit. He runs a B&B. I was doing the math….he needs to rent it out for a long, long time to recoup his investment.

        He was telling us that Amazon wanted to buy it, empty it out, and turn it into a server farm. He declined, but said his kids will sell it to Amazon before his body cools down on the slab at the funeral home.

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