Noelle here:

I’m greatly missing the Pacific Crest Trail today.

PCT Northern Monument
Northern terminus

I’m missing the peace, the friendships, the physical hardness, the mountains, lakes, valleys. I’m missing all of it.

PCT sign post
Snoqualmie area most difficult trail

It’s been stressful and chaotic since we’ve been back in “regular” life. We’ve still been away from our kids and grandchildren even while being surrounded with family in Colorado. No trail, yet no children. There’ve been too many sleepless nights, worrying about things and possibilities that are beyond our control. Worrying about outcomes that may or may not ever come to fruition. Rabbit trails that lead to more rabbit trails. It’s been harder than I could have imagined. Steve has borne the heaviest weight. And yet he bears it with grace and determination and love.

Today I’m yearning for nature.

I’m missing trees and being dirty and that long footpath, which showed us so much adventure. Sunrises and sunsets.

Sunset on a lake

The beauty and the pain.

PCT hikers
Dirty legs

The trail didn’t end for me as I thought it would. Purchasing the van changed so much. But I’ll be forever grateful for the experiences and the time with Steve. For the perseverance I saw in him. Still see in him. My admiration for Steve continues to grow. As does my desire to get back out in the wilderness.

Sunset over the mountains

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