Natchez Historic cemetery & Mississippi Boondocking

Cupcake Chronicles E15

We’re on our way to the Natchez Historic Cemetery. The author, Greg Isles, has put Natchez on the “literary” map and the cemetery is one of his stars! The Turning Angel plays a major role in his novel of the same name. So we had to see her in person and she did not disappoint. Check out our blog post for more cemetery tour details, but join us on the Tube with the link down below to see us in action.

We’re continuing our 2021 deep south gastric disturbance tour as we visit historic Natchez Mississippi. We’ve eaten more fried food in the last month than in our last ten years! What’s not to love? Noelle also picked up some moon pies, which she said were for the grandkids. I’m thinking the grands may be out of luck though!

Once again we’re boon docking far off the beaten path, but this time we’re deep in the Mississippi woods! We heard coyotes in the night and we went for a short hike to check out our surroundings. It’s a different kind of nature than we’re used to, with so many pine trees. Sometimes we may not save much (any?) money by driving out to boondocking sites, but it’s a great way to see the local countryside. Mississippi is sure more beautiful than either of us expected.

Join us as we sip on a lil bit o’ sweet tea and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of Mississippi.

Natchez Historic Cemetery
Turning Angel at the Natchez Historic Cemetery


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