Noelle here:

The last week has been so difficult and also so inspiring. My dad passed from this life to the next. He’s off to dance with my mom again. To sit beside his savior. He’s at peace from the struggle of Parkinson’s and can rest.

Mom & Dad

Two of my sisters, Steve, a brother-in-law, lots of grandchildren, great-grandchildren, beloved granddogs and I were able to join him for the final portion of his journey. My youngest sister journeyed with Dad and Mom through the longest parts of their illnesses, but I feel blessed to have shared the last leg of both their passings.

This picture of Dad kind of sums him up. He loved dogs and children and laughing. He was an ornery old cuss, don’t get me wrong, 🤣 but boy did he teach me to laugh.

Dad & Great granddog, Lucy

It was a hard week. We laughed. We loved. We joked. We cried. I fought with my sisters. We made up. We cussed. We prayed. And we sang. We sang of grace and peace and joy-fullness. We drank a lot. A lot, a lot. And we rejoiced with Dad as he started his new adventure.

Dad, Scott and Cooper

Yesterday, Steve and I embarked on the next portion of our own adventure. After many postponements and a little uncertainty if this was indeed the time to leave, we finally boarded that plane and traveled to Thailand.

Flying to Bangkok

I’m exhausted and excited and grieving and exhilarated. All at the same time. We fell asleep early this morning to the sound of screeching cats. And woke up later this morning in the city of Bangkok, hungry and ready to explore.

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