Miles today: 18.8

Trail miles sum: 771.7

Trail location: 1447.7

Elevation: 5426

Spinning on the turntable: Audio book: The other side of history: Daily life in the ancient world

Flowers of the PCT

Orange lily

Flowers of the PCT

Orange lily smiling

Have I mentioned that the flowers are magnificent? I found this single bloom down a hill next to a water hole. The water was cool and delicious. The hike down and back from the spring, while short at .2 miles, was steep. All miles are not created equal.

Flowers of the PCT

White flowers

I was ridge walking this morning and laughing out loud at some of the recent comments on the blog. I’m so appreciative of the feedback you give us!

Flowers of the PCT


I was also suffering on the ridge this morning. Having bounced north on the trail I’m ahead of the hiker bubble. Other hikers have already gone ahead of me, but not too many. Trail maintenance may not have occurred just yet.

Overgrown trail

Overgrown trail

I was going through sections of 50 feet to 300 feet where the bushes have over grown the trail.

I just lead with my hand and poles and push through. I can only imagine what I must look like when I exit the other side; a look of terror in my eyes, arms outstretched like Frankenstein, and a shuffling of my feet. Dislike.

Today is the 4th of July. I told myself to expect no trail magic. My expectations were correct, there was no trail magic and I believe I only saw two people the entire day.

I miss my family today. I’m sad that Noelle had to return to the van yesterday. I hiked all day so it wasn’t so bad, but I know that Noelle will be alone and feeling poor in the van.

The clock is ticking now and we need to keep moving. While we joke about it, winter is coming. Pre-Kennedy Meadows I would have just stayed with Noelle for the holiday. Now I need to keep moving as much as possible. If I was cranking out 30 and 35 mile days it wouldn’t be an issue, but I’m not.

Steve and Tayler

Steve and Tayler

The 4th of July was a holiday that one of our daughters and I really enjoyed spending together in years past. So many good memories of shooting off fireworks, enjoying sweet, large scale street detonations and laughter.

Today it’s the laugher and closeness of my family that I’m missing. Perhaps it’s the emotional tolls the trail insists collecting payment upon that leaves me full of questions and doubts.

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