PCT: Day 103

Miles today: 13.7

Trail miles sum: 809.5

Trail location: 1484.6

Elevation: 2653

Spinning on the turntable: nothing

So the poop lab tests indicate that I have c-diff colitis but not giardia. Yeah for me! I’m now taking antibiotics for a week.

Yesterday I (yet again) woke up feeling barfy so I took a (yet another) zero. We went into town and had a nice breakfast and enjoyed cell reception. We washed the van, I played with the screens in the vans rear windows, read a book and took a nap. I felt ok but not stellar.

Washing the campervan

I loved the signs posted in someone’s front yard.

I’m guessing the home owners aren’t crazy about Democrats??? (I simply must send this pic to some of my previous coworkers.) The signs made me laugh pretty hard because they’re not on my next door neighbors property!

Northern California

We’re in Northern Cali now!

Today I woke up feeling barfy again but decided to hike anyway. I’m viewing the PCT as a long distance/duration endurance sporting event. I still need to go to work on the days when I’m not feeling perfect or I’ll never finish. I’d say I’m at 80 percent of normal. (I’ve barfed before when exercising and it’s not that big a deal.)

Guthook screenshot

Guthook July 14

So, armed with my anti nausea meds I hit the trail. I popped a pill within minutes of starting the hike. I was soaking wet with perspiration after a few miles and debating if it was humid or if I was breaking a fever. I never reached a conclusion.

Having been hiking in the middle of the hiker “bubble” in Southern California is very different from the hiking now. The hiker bubble is hundreds of miles behind me.

Rushing river

It’s very, very quiet. Hiking in the bubble gave me the option to engage with other hikers if I wanted to chat. So far, there’s not too many folks to chat with. There are other hikers, but they’re busy headed south to the Sierra or busier hiking north to Canada at a frantic pace. I’m just kind of plodding along at my own pace.

Today was a low mile day. We’re heading for I-5 (major road) in 30 miles. I can’t do 30 miles in one day so I’m splitting it into two days. Once we hit I-5 we’ll head up towards the town of Shasta.

Oh, I saw another animal today!

Deer on the PCT

Deer – oh my!

It politely posed for a picture so I had time to focus the camera.

I need to purchase new sun gloves. The pair I have is literally falling apart. I lost the tip to a walking stick so I want to replace that as well and I want to look at their shoes.

We’re going to sit down while we’re in town and start working our year end schedule in reverse with a goal of setting an official termination date to this hike. (Yes, I do want to finish this year. )

We have other adventures on the horizon and we need to start fleshing them out now. It’s crazy to be talking about this when we’re only 800 miles (Well, 809, but who’s counting? 😆) into the hike but it’s necessary.

Anyway, Noelle hiked up to meet me and we walked the last two miles to the campground together. It was nice to stick my feet in the water again today.

Soaking our toes

I could really enjoy the trail if everyday was a 13 mile day!


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