PCT: Day 134

PCT Oregon

Miles today: 26.9

Trail miles sum: 1345.6

Trail location:2027.7

Elevation: 4310

Spinning on the turntable: Billy Squire: Essential Billy Squire

PCT Oregon

Burned trees

Today I passed my mileage halfway point of the PCT. Since I bumped up and skipped part of the Sierra, the actual distance markers don’t have meaning for me.

I knew my mileage halfway point would hit today, but I didn’t pay particular attention to when it would happen. So, it happened. I’m now playing the back nine of the PCT course.

PCT Oregon

Burned forest

It’s sobering to look upon acre after acre of burned out forest. There was a small fire near the trail one day this week. Smoke jumpers were dispatched to address the fire. When I passed the area I could hear chainsaws in the distance but couldn’t see any evidence of fire.

Just as luck plays into the physical game of hiking the PCT, trail location timing also plays into the game. This week part of the trail I hiked barely two weeks ago was closed due to fire.

PCT Animals

Sluggish bees

Some of the bees move quite sluggishly in the early morning. I wonder if they sleep in the flowers overnight and then wait, as I do too, for the sun to rise and ease our cold induced muscle stiffness.

PCT Oregon

Mt Jefferson

There are so many mountains that I’m loosing track of who’s who. This one is Jefferson. I attempt to not just stare at the trail as I hike, but to be present in the moment, alive and alert.

The trail can ease me into a walking stupor. I must move from point A to point B today. Just stare at the ground (as a German hiker explained) and don’t think. Just walk.

I somewhat balk at this notion of not thinking as I hike and yet I also understand it. Balance between the two methodologies is what I’m seeking. I don’t expect, nor demand, that the trail teach me something about life. I will however attempt to leave myself, or my mind, available for any education, or learning that may come my way. Too much, or too little mental availability may hinder my availability for personal growth.

PCT Oregon

Smoky trail


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