PCT: Day 154

PCT Washington

Miles today: 23.2

Trail miles sum: 1665.2

Trail location: 2347.5

Elevation: 4765

Spinning on the turntable: Mozart: Piano Concertos #20 & 21

Epic view huh? I heard elk bellowing last night as I drifted to sleep. Someone saw a bear in this area so I’m keeping a watchful eye.

PCT Washington

Such amazing views

It’s so crazy to walk around a corner, or reach the summit of a hill, and find another mountain peeking out. This is crazy beautiful.

I finally saw a mountain goat. Maybe.

PCT Animals

Perhaps a mountain goat sighting

Or perhaps I should say that I saw a white blob that was moving around on a distant hill. I suppose it may have been a cow…

PCT Animals


I was shooting a picture of a chipmunk

when I noticed something else was photo bombing the picture!

PCT Animals

Pine Martin

I moved closer and snapped this picture of what I believe is a Pine Martin. Oh my gosh it’s adorable! It didn’t seem bothered by my presence at all.

PCT Washington

Burned out sections of forest

I spent several hours traveling through another burned out sections. Judging from the lack of ground cover and bark piles I think this fire occurred recently.

Flowers of the PCT

Thistle flower

Even with summer drawing to a close there’s still lots of flowers to enjoy.

Flowers of the PCT

Thistles but still blooming flowers!

Flowers of the PCT

White mushroom

I’d guess that this mushroom is at least 12 inches wide.

PCT Washington

The smoke rolled in

In the late afternoon smoke started rolling into the area. I have no idea where it’s from, it could be from a mile away and it could be from 500 miles away.

I arrived at the Urich cabin late in the afternoon.

PCT Cabin

Urich cabin

I was startled to see that REI was setting up trail magic. I had planned to hike another few hours but burgers, soda and cookies kept me enthralled. They had a couple of corporate office staff manning the site. It was actually very cute. I believe their experience in providing trail magic was zero!

They shot pictures of each of us and asked a few questions about gear. I knew they had a lot more questions to ask but we (hikers) had full bellies and started disappearing into the woods, one by one.


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