PCT: Day 155

PCT Washington

Miles today: 27.9

Trail miles sum: 1693.1

Trail location: 2375.4

Elevation: 3664

Spinning on the turntable: Mozart: Piano Concertos #20 & 21

When this tru-hike is over I’ll miss the morning sunshine and solitude.

Flowers of the PCT


I’m now picking the tiny wild strawberries. The flavor is amazing. The berries are very tiny but pack a flavor punch.

PCT sign post

You’re tough enough

Today I’m not sure that I’m tough enough. Three more hikers that I know have called it quits and ended their thru-hike attempts. This is hard. Have I said that before? It’s really, really hard. At the moment it’s the boredom that’s getting to me.

I’m listening to loads of Podcasts trying to occupy my mind. It’s not working. I’m even listening to political Podcasts that are the opposite of my perspective just for the heck of it. It is surreal to be surrounded by such beautiful scenery and listening to a podcast about serial killers.

PCT hikers

Jerry and Neal

I bumped into Jerry and Neal today. Jerry inquired if I was Steve and I confirmed. (This isn’t so unusual. Often Noelle has sent a message to me via a SOBO hiker.). In this case Jerry reads this blog! Jerry and Neal are from Anchorage Alaska and are doing some section hiking. It was fun to meet you!

Flowers of the PCT

Sulphur shelf mushroom

I think this is a sulfur shelf mushroom. The colors really caught my eye.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hang in there Steve!! So close. This has been an amazing journey. I have really looked forward to reading your post. Without going into any specifics, your postings are a highlight in my world right now, and are a reminder of God’s great glory. I love the pictures. I had no idea there was such a variety of mushrooms!!!
    God bless you and Noelle.

    Liz from FresnoRetro


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